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Computer hardware, software, internet, e-commerce and information technology

Information technology law is not as easy to define as contract law or tort law. Rather, it applies a wide range of legal disciplines to the unique problems facing businesses which create technology and those which use it. It comes under various names: internet law, e-commerce law, cyberlaw, to name a few. It primarily combines contracts law with intellectual property, with many other areas of law overlaid.

David Staub has represented clients ranging from start-ups to established companies in the areas of computer software and services, e-commerce and the Internet, telecommunications infrastructure, and computer hardware. He also provides legal services and solutions to the firm's non-technology business clients, who face a broad range of technology issues in today's business environment.

Technology Agreements

Whether a company creates technology or simply uses technology in its business, the critical role that technology plays in today's business world requires that the company's attorney be familiar with the unique contractual issues presented in technology agreements. The following lists some of the types of technology agreements that an attorney must be prepared to handle. Clicking on one that is linked will take you to a more detailed discussion of that agreement:

Intellectual Property Law

Mr. Staub has significant experience in securing and protecting a business' intellectual property, including trademarks, copyrights, know-how and trade secrets, through combinations of registrations, contractual restrictions and licensing agreements.

Tax Law

Taxes play a major role in many business decisions, and information technology is no exception. Mr. Staub's strong tax background gives him the knowledge and experience to spot issues that another technology attorney might overlook, often bringing added value to the economics of the transaction.


Financing purchases of equipment (and sometimes software), or routine borrowing transactions that are secured by the company's technology assets, presents additional challenges. Experience in both corporate finance and commercial lending is another facet of the technology law practice.

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